Mindful, Holistic, Practical Therapy

For Trauma Recovery and Optimal Mental Health

“What matters is not the meaning of life in general, but rather the specific meaning of a person’s life at any given moment.” / Viktor Frankl

Change is possible.
Healing can happen.
Your life can be different.

We often endure hardship and struggle for a long time before we recognize that we cannot or do not want to continue with things as they are. Perhaps circumstances are unchangeable. Perhaps your pain, emotional or physical, has characterized most of your life. Perhaps the trauma or loss was unspeakable. Still, I invite you to consider how you want your life to change and how your life holds meaning right here, right now. I also invite you to take some time and give attention to matters causing you pain or disruption.

There is a way forward. Your life can be different.

If you believe, or want to believe, that your life can be different, then please explore this space to learn more about therapy, the partnership I would like to offer you, and how to get started.
I believe, and I have seen, that with mindful, holistic, practical therapy, life can be different.
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